tube making machine


The technology with experiences for PE-Tube machine line
  GCM manufactures and supplies production lines of soft PE tube. Our main products are :


► Single~5-Layers Extrusion Line : GCE05
►Fully Automatic Injection Heading Machine : GCH4000/GCH6000
►Multi- Color Offset printing Machine:  GCP5/GCP7
►Top Sealing & Capping Machine : GCC12/GCC24
sun cream, cleaning cream, facial cream, facial musk, base cream, lip paste, shampoo, hair cream and all other-cosmetic and treatment cream.


  ointments for external uses, for mouthful uses, for eyes and skin.
  ■ FOOD
  cream, jelly, chocolate paste and all kinds of flavor pastes.
  resin, hardener, grease, glue additives, shoe paste etc.
  washing cream, dirt remover, bleaching agent
  water color, oil paints

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